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Timber Flooring

There are many options when choosing the right floorboards for your home or business. Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, selecting the right timber grade, colour and finish can make a dramatic difference. The Woody’s Timber showroom has samples of the below timber species.


  • Tasmanian Oak- Variability from light pinks to blondes with darker graining, Tasmanian Oak will change over time when exposed to UV light and change to a medium golden blonde to light brown.
  • Messmate- It varies in colour from pale browns through to light yellows with subtle hints of peach. It is a species that is rich in detail with an even texture and growth rings.
  • New England Oak- New England Oak tone varies from soft yellows and pinks to pinkish browns. The texture is medium and even, with a variable grain and prominent growth rings.
  • Stringy Bark- The texture of Stringybark is moderately fine and even with a straight grain. It is a light coloured blend ranging from pale yellow through to golden hues and light browns.
  • Blackbutt- Blackbutt has attractive colouring from cream to pale brown, sometimes with a slight tinge of pink. Its grain is usually straight and texture its medium and even.



  • Tallowwood- It is predominately yellowish brown with a tinge of olive green and beautiful growth ring.
  • Spotted Gum- This colour varies from pale grey browns and soft creams to a rich chocolate brown. A very tough timber.
  • Grey Ironbark- Ironbark produces a stunning array of timber hues from pale brown to dark chocolate brown as well as dark red.



  • Brush Box- It can vary from pale pinkish grey to rich reddish brown.



Timber Hardness

The Janka hardness scale is the industry standard for judging the ability to withstand denting and wear, the higher the number the harder the wood.



The Finish


Solvent based- Matt, Semi and High Gloss

Using a solvent based coating will help to bring the deep colour and vibrancy out of the wood grain and provides a high level of coating build across the floor. Solvent-based coatings tend to darken and yellow with age, which will tend to darken the appearance of the floor with time. Solvent based coating is cheaper than a water based coating.


Water Based– Natural, Matt, Satin and Gloss

Water based coatings provides a more natural finish that will help keep the true colour and tone of the timber for longer (they don’t darken and yellow with age like the solvent based coatings). Water based coatings are more expensive than solvent based coatings.